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about us

Aspiration Clothing, incorporated in 2001, is a fashion garment manufacturer located in Noida, India.
The company’s primary objective is to cater to the apparel market by providing top-quality products and maintaining competitive prices. Our product range includes fashion garments for women and children.

The current product range of the company covers the following:

– Women’s Wear in Knits and Woven
– Kids Wear in Knits and Woven
– Sports Wear (Performance Active Wear)

our values


By upholding stringent high-quality standards, fostering a culture of innovation, and optimizing our manufacturing processes, we aim not only to compete effectively but to set new benchmarks within the global fashion industry.


We are committed to achieving continuous growth and improvement.
This dedication to progress involves staying updated with market trends,
adopting new technologies, expanding their product offerings, and enhancing
their operational efficiency.


We focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations at all levels of their operations. This dedication includes delivering quality products, providing excellent customer service, and promptly addressing customer needs and feedback.

OUR collection

production facility

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is one of the vital driving forces that has enabled us to achieve the position we currently occupy in this competitive industry. We maintain modern manufacturing facilities in Noida, supported by the latest and technologically most advanced machinery that enables us to achieve cost effective production methods and consistent high quality garments. We have a sewing capacity of 90,000 – 1,00,000 garments per month with 360 state of art machinery plant spread over a built up area of around 20,000 sq.ft.

our strength

Stringent Quality Assurance 

Ensuring well-monitored quality and timely delivery of readymade garments, our systematic operations adhere to all safety requirements.

Efficient Production:

Our well-organized production unit employs an assembly line system, facilitating the production of a diverse range of products to cater to a broad customer base.

Dynamic Operational Structure:

Orchestrated by a highly motivated team of Designers, Managers, and Supervisors, our operational structure is finely tuned to meet the evolving needs of our clients, fostering efficiency and adaptability.

our certifications

Aspiration Clothing has positioned itself as a well-established export house, producing and marketing high-quality products. The company’s commitment to quality and compliance is evident through the regular audits and approvals received from various reputable agencies.

Some of the notable certifications & approvals include:

• CT-PAT & C.S.C.C. For US Customs.
• U.S. Security Compliance.
• Social Compliance for Quicksilver and Volcom.
• Social & Technical compliance by Bureau Veritas for Jones Apparel Group & George ASDA group.
• Sedex Certification.
• GOTS Certified.

our infrastructure


Our manufacturing unit stands at the forefront of innovation, boasting the latest machinery with a total of 360 advanced units. This cutting-edge equipment forms the backbone of our production capabilities, ensuring efficiency and precision in every garment we create.


Our workforce comprises 400 skilled individuals, each remunerated in accordance with the prevailing Government wages act. Emphasizing ethical practices, we stand firmly against any form of child labor, upholding a commitment to a responsible and humane workplace.


The weaving of our fabrics takes place in collaboration with leading textile mills across India. Employing advanced technologies such as auto looms, air jets, water jets, and power looms, we meticulously follow buyer specifications, ensuring the highest quality in every woven textile.


In the realm of printing and dying, we engage with sophisticated mills in India to achieve unparalleled results. Our commitment to excellence extends to every step of the manufacturing process, and our choice of mills reflects this dedication to quality.


With a focus on comprehensive garment care, our in-house facilities cover washing and dry-cleaning processes. This integrated approach allows us to maintain strict control over the quality and appearance of our products from start to finish.


To guarantee the superior quality of our fabrics, each undergoes rigorous testing in our dedicated laboratory. This meticulous process includes assessments of GSM, count, and construction, as well as thorough color matching and evaluation for color fastness. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by adherence to standards set by SGS, INTERTEK, and BUREAU VERITAS.

our clients

One of the best manufacturing company catering to the best of the customers world over.


Our Office

B-110, Block B, Phase-2, 

Noida- 201305,

Uttar Pradesh

Tel.: +91-120-4353500, +91-120-4353501, 07

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